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Hillcrest Animal Hospital provides emergency and urgent veterinary care in the Bartlett and greater Memphis area for cats, dogs and small pets.

If your pet needs Emergency Vet Care in Bartlett, contact us immediately.

Starting treatment right away may decrease recovery time or even save a life.

(901) 377-2244

After Hours Emergencies

If you have an emergency or urgent care need after regular business hours, please visit one of the following emergency veterinary clinics:


3767 Summer Avenue, Memphis  |  MAP ›

(901) 323-4563


555 Trinity Creek Cove, Cordova |  MAP ›

(901) 624-9002

Emergency Care FAQs

What should you do in case of an emergency with your pet?

It always is best to call us ahead if you can, but we understand that in emergency situations that's not always possible.  If the situation does not allow time for you to call, please do not hesitate to bring your pet to our clinic for immediate attention.

What types of emergencies do we handle?

The team at Hillcrest Animal Hospital, working closely with our After Hours Emergency partners can help you with virtually any pet emergency. You'll have access to state-of-the-art emergency care for your four-legged family members. Our extended team is equipped to provide hospitalization, specialized diagnostics, and complete surgical services.

How much do emergency appointments cost?

The short answer is: it varies depending on the nature of the emergency. Please give us a call and we'll provide an answer that is specific to your needs.

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Contact (901) 377-2244