Medium Dog Wellness Plan

A Pet Wellness Plan for your medium-sized dog offers health... and savings.

It's an ideal option for your pet's health... as well as the health of your bank account. Our Pet Wellness Plan for medium-sized dogs covers the core care your pet needs throughout the year, offering you savings you'll appreciate.

From regular checkup exams and vaccinations, to the pharmacy products, this plan offers all the basics every dog in the Bartlett (Memphis) area needs to prevent fleas and ticks, and the early tests for heartworm disease.

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> 25 - 50 LBS AS AN ADULT
Services With Plan
Annual Core Vaccination Included
Annual Wellness Exam Included
Wellness Bloodwork Included
Heartworm Test Included
Fecal Exam Included
6-Month Wellness Exam Included
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention Included
12 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention Included
Total $606.00
SAVE $77.60

Puppy Wellness for the Newest Member of Your Family

Get your new pup off to a healthy head start. Wellness Plans tailored for puppy health are priced based on your puppy's eventual adult weight, and include everything your puppy needs for a healthy first year, including 4-week visits for vaccinations.

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