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Cat and Dog Boarding in Bartlett

With our overnight dog boarding and cat boarding in Bartlett and the greater Memphis area, we strive to be a home away from home for your pets while you're away.

Safe. Convenient. Friendly.
We Treat Your Pets Like Family.

We understand how stressful it can be when you have to leave your pet, and we're here to help put your mind at ease.

We provide much more than your average kennels and dog runs. We're serious animal lovers, and we give animals all the love and attention they deserve while they're staying with us.

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What will a typical day look like for your pet boarding with us?

Dogs (Canine Patients)

Every morning the dogs are let outside for fresh air before breakfast. While they are outside stretching their legs, your dogs room is cleaned, disinfected, and fresh linen laid out for them. 

After breakfast it's time to play! Each dog is let out for social play with our highly trained staff. If the weather is wet and rainy, your dog has full access to our indoor play room to exercise and stay dry.

Your dog will also have supervision throughout their entire stay with us – both during play and while they rest.

Dinner is served every day with a smile, with one last walk before bedtime.

Cats (Feline Patients)

Feline patients (cats) are cared for with love by our trained staff.

Your cat or kitty will be fed as per your specifications, to ensure their routine is seamless from at home.

Every day, throughout the day, litter boxes are checked, cleaned and disinfected.

Additionally, we regularly refresh linens and clean your kitty's room while they relax until your return.

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  • Hillcrest took very good care of Onslow and Daisy while I was out of town for two weeks! The dogs had a blast, and they came back to me groomed, relaxed and happy.
    - Sandra D.

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Interested in boarding your pet with us? Fill out the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to coordinate your booking.

FAQs About Pet Boarding with Hillcrest

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about pet boarding at Hillcrest Animal Hospital in Bartlett. 

  • What accommodations and amenities do you have?

    We've got everything your pet needs for a fun, relaxing stay, including the following accommodations and amenities:

    • Climate-controlled kennels
    • Comfy, cozy beds for each guest
    • Clean towels, blankets and bowls
    • 72 indoor / outdoor runs
    • 6 different wards (12 guests to a room)
    • Individual space for each pet
    • Separate boarding area for cats
    • 8 runs for VIP guests
    • 2 bathing areas
    • A designated grooming area
    • Daily walks
    • Grooming
    • Abundant daily playtime with staff
    • Special diet accommodations
    • Vets on call 24/7 
  • Is there a discount for multiple for boarding multiple animals at once?

    Absolutely. We offer a discount to clients that have more than one pet boarding together.

    Every penny counts and we understand. We want you to leave your babies in our care and offer you a savings when you do.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of animals I can board?

    There is no limit to how many pets you can board.We have a large facility and are able to accommodate all size pets.

    We will allow same family members (canine/canine or feline/feline) to board together as long as the pets are equal in size.

  • How much does pet boarding in Bartlett cost?

    Boarding fees vary based on the duration of the stay, and the size of the pet. Any special medical requirements or services may affect cost as well. That said, our pricing is affordable and competitive, and we welcome you to contact us for a quote.

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  • What time should I drop off and pick up my pet?

    All pets must be dropped off or picked up during regular office hours. Reservations are recommended, especially for holidays and summer weekends. During these times, it is recommended that you call 2-3 weeks in advance to lessen the chance that your pet may not have a place to stay.

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  • What should I pack for my pet?

    Food: While we provide food (Purina EN) for pets staying with us, feel free to bring enough of your pet's regular food to last the duration of the stay. 

    Medication: If your pet takes any medication, bring it along for our staff to administer.

    Toys: If your pet has a special toy or two, bring them along.

  • What if my pet needs to take medication?

    We will be glad to administer your pet's medications while they are with us.

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  • Can I get updates about my pet during their stay?

    Yes, feel free to call us during your pet's stay for updates. If there is a problem, we will contact you via the emergency content information you provide.

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  • How should I prepare for my pet's stay?

    Each animal is different. To prepare for your pet's stay with us, we'll take the following steps to ensure that we can meet their unique needs.

    Step 1: Contact Us to Get Started

    Call us to book, or fill out the form on this page with details about your pets and your boarding needs. A member of our team will be in touch to ensure your pet is eligible for boarding, and to coordinate your booking.

    Please note that, due to the nature of our accommodations, we do not accept unaltered dogs. Pets must be up to date with all vaccinations and free of fleas and ticks to stay at our facility.

    Step 2: Book a Trial Stay

    We want to be absolutely sure that we are a good fit for your pet before an extended stay. The trial stay consists of a full day of daycare where we can take the time to assess your dog’s temperament and make sure they fit in with the pack. 

    Step 3: Set Your Pet Up For Success

    On the day you drop your pet off with us, there are a few steps you can take to help reduce any stress your pet may feel.

    Spend some extra time with your pet beforehand, and make sure they get some vigorous exercise so that they are feeling calm. When you arrive at our facility, stay calm, cheerful and confident during the separation.

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  • What do you feed animals that don't have their own food?

    For pets that are not on a special diet, we provide Purina EN pet food.

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