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Boarding for Dogs & What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Home

Pet parents often feel anxious about leaving their four-legged friend at a boarding facility when they need to be away from home. But by following these tips from our Bartlett vets you can find a great facility near you that will make your dog feel safe and loved while you're away.

Leaving Your Dog

Our vets know that it can be stressful to decide on where to leave your beloved pooch while you are away from home. Whether you are heading out on vacation for a couple of weeks, or off on a business trip for a couple of days, you will need to find appropriate care for your dog. Although finding the best kennel or boarding facility for your dog can be challenging, doing a little research into the options available near you, and what features each service offers, can help to make your decision easier.

Kennels & Dog Boarding Facilities

Rest assured that today's dog boarding facilities aren't the grim places they once were. These days your dog can be pampered and have fun socializing and playing while you're away. Kennels are kept clean and fresh-smelling, and dogs are treated to plenty of love and attention.

A quick google search can help you find animal boarding facilities in your area ranging from pet spas and doggie summer camps to medical boarding for dogs that require extra love and attention, with price points that range from extravagant to affordable.

If you are in the process of deciding which boarding facility to take your dog to, be sure to check out a few different places in your area to find a facility that best suits the needs of your pet, and your wallet.

Tips on How to Choose a Boarding Facility for Your Dog

Below are a few tips to help you choose a boarding facility to meet your dog's needs:

Go Checkout The Facility Ahead of Time

  • We think that one of the best ways to know what a boarding facility is like is to go for a visit. By seeing the facility for yourself and meeting the staff ahead of time you will be able to judge whether the level of cleanliness, space provided and staff meet your standards. If for any reason you don't feel good about the facility continue your search.

Ask Whether There Is a Vet On Call

  • This is especially important if your dog has a health condition that requires medication or monitoring. Many boarding facilities are directly attached to veterinary clinics or have a good working relationship with a local vet. If you have a specific vet that you want to handle all of your dog's care, check to see if your vet is associated with a particular boarding facility. 

Find Out What Services Are Offered

  • The services offered at various dog boarding facilities vary widely from dog overnight camps and doggie spas to standard care with clean spacious runs and good quality care. If you have a high-energy dog, be sure to choose a facility that provides pups with an opportunity to get outdoors and play with other dogs so they can burn off steam.

Know The Health Requirement Well Ahead of Time

  • Keep your dog safe by ensuring that their vaccines and parasite protection are kept up to date, and choose a facility that only accepts healthy, fully vaccinated pets. This can help to ensure that your pup doesn't mix with sick or unvaccinated dogs, and returns home healthy.

Speak With Staff

  • Whenever you call or visit a facility, the staff should be friendly and happy to answer your questions. By meeting staff in person you will be able to get a real feel for their personalities and will be better able to judge whether they seem like a good caregiver for your pooch.

Normal Dog Behavior After Boarding

After you bring your dog home, you may notice a few of these behaviors, all of which are normal:

Shift in Personality

While some dogs are extra clingy, others ignore their owners upon returning home. Each of these behaviors is normal.

Change in Appetite

Some dogs may be over-excited upon arriving home, causing a change in normal behavior such as eating quickly. Do not feed them right away; allow them to settle for a few hours instead.

Change in Sleep

With so many new experiences, new friends and new smells in an unfamiliar place, your dog is likely tired when they return home, and will therefore sleep quite a lot for one or two days.

Abnormal Dog Behavior After Boarding

Dogs are rarely traumatized as a result of spending time at a boarding facility. If proper preparations are made and research is done before choosing a boarding facility, nothing bad should happen to your dog during their stay.

Changes in behavior or abnormal behavior can indicate mental trauma. If you notice your dog seems to be depressed or scared, is having accidents or is shaking after returning home, book an appointment with the vet to eliminate a potential medical cause.

Help Your Pet With Stress Relief After Boarding

Allow your dog a few days to get used to being home again and to get back to his usual routine and behaviors after staying at a boarding facility. If you notices changes in behavior that are dramatic and do not seem to resolve, book an appointment with your veterinarian, who may be able to suggest advice to help.

Dog Boarding at Hillcrest Animal Hospital

At our Bartlett dog boarding facility we strive to give your dog a clean and comfortable home-away-from-home. Our staff members love pets and take pride in providing outstanding care to all of our four-legged visitors.

Learn More About Dog Boarding With Us

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Looking for a safe and friendly place to board your dog in Bartlett? We can help. Contact Hillcrest Animal Hospital today to learn more about boarding your pet with us.

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